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Journey as an artist by johnsonting
Journey as an artist
Look what I found! A really really old piece I did back in early 2008, i think its one of the first few digital paintings I did, I got my wacom tablet a year earlier but never got to paint much. I didnt even know the pen had pressure sensitivity (face palm). Definitely been a long journey, really glad I made the choice and insisted on being an artist when I was much younger, it feels really great to be doing what you love and at least making a living out of it. 

Wish I could time travel back to the younger self and tell him that I finally got to do what he dreamed! Painting cool stuffs for games! 
Seen artists did this and I often get inspired by them, though mine is not as great but i think it's a pretty good share to see my old embarassing stuffs! 

Incase you're wondering, I did a lot in six years though, I worked tons and tons of freelance to pay for my fees in art school, which i barely got out because of the fees. Most of my days in college I kinda live a double life as a student and as a freelancer, and I doubled/tripled my college assignment to make sure I get what I paid for because im cheap like that. LOL. Well but I guess we all have our own story, I'm just glad that I was poor so that was my inspiration to get better. Now to get a lot and a lot better!

Keep fighting felllow artists!

EDIT: Added a more painting piece rather than the photobash piece on the right. Haha.
NEO JAPAN 2202 - KAZUKO KIMURA by johnsonting
Trying something a little different from the usual look of Neo Japan, thought it would also be an interesting way to introduce one of the main protagonist of the story. Will be uploading an alternate one with Dr.Wayne in it as well :D

Here's a brief summary about Kazuko:

Kazuko Kimura, an infamous inspector in the Shinjuku district, often seen with her three customized police drone patrolling the streets of Shinjuku. The Kimura family is a well known name during the early years of Neo Japan, especially Hanzo Kimura, the managing director of Neorai industries, whom was one of the four that initiated the Keisatsu project, and was often targeted by anti-neo groups. Their only daughter, Kazuko Kimura was kidnapped when she was 12, during this event, Hanzo Kimura did not only ignored the ransom request by the kidnappers, he has also used this event to showcase the might of his Neo Keisatsu's police drones through public television. He said on tv: "I will not back down from these criminals, I will set an example, I will show Japan that this (Neo Keisatsu) is the future of Japan, the solution to crime itself. If my own daughter is to lose her life in this tragedy, then so be it, it is for the better sake of Japan's future.", Kazuko and the kidnappers was watching this during the live broadcast. When she was rescued she already had both of her arms surgically removed by the kidnappers and they were never found, since then Kazuko has blame his father for not caring about her life or death during the kidnapping and the only thing he ever care about are his vision of the future.  

Throughout the years growing up Kazuko has become very distant from her father, she was also the main test subject for Neorai Industries research on prosthetic limbs, she received her first set of mechanized prosthetic arms when she was 15 and has achieved unbelievable tasks using the arms. She enrolled in the national police academy when she was 18 and graduated with flying colors, she then requested to be stationed at the Shinjuku district, the place where she was kidnapped many years ago. She has not seen her father since she enrolled in the police academy, but Neorai Industries is now the biggest cooperation in the history of Japan on future technology.  
She has apprehended many known criminals throughout the years and has shown impressive dedication in fighting crimes, and most importantly, she is the only human-mecha unit in the police force. She also has countless offers for a promotion to head of chief and to be stationed in the palace district of Tokyo, which she declines and only want to remain in the Shinjuku district for personal reasons.

In February 2202, she met Dr.Wayne and the infamous group known as "Ronins", the same group who was hired to kidnap her many years ago.... by Hanzo Kimura.


Man I wanna type out the whole background about her and about her life in the police force, I took a lot of time to think about her backstory! For now this is all i can let you know :P Hopefully when theres a new work about her I will talk more about her as well. 

Thanks guys!

Other version with Dr.Wayne here:
NEO JAPAN 2202 - KAZUKO KIMURA with DR WAYNE by johnsonting


Here's some others from Neo Japan 2202 series:

NEO JAPAN 2202 - SHIROBAI by johnsontingThe Tojinbo Cannons - Neo Japan 2202 by johnsontingThe Biwa Generators - Neo Japan 2202 by johnsontingNEO JAPAN 2202 - Shin Jinrui Experiment by johnsontingNEO JAPAN 2202 - Enerugi Gado by johnsontingNEO JAPAN 2202 -  Royales by johnsontingNEO JAPAN 2202 - KIKAI YOHEI by johnsontingNEO JAPAN 2202 - KIKAI YOHEI by johnsonting<da:thumb id="445082307"><da:thumb id="401506100">
WORLD WAR MECH by johnsonting
Hey guys! Been awhile :D Been thinking of some ideas recently to try something out, here's a quick idea of it for now. 

Planning to do some alt- WWII stuffs, like nations using giant mechas to fight the war and so on.  i'll try to come up with some old WWII looking photos but with mechs in it, to try and blend them together. Gonna need a lot more exploration for it to happen, any ideas on which country should have what sort of mechs? :D        

EDIT: fixed some stuffs!
Hey guys! I've just updated my journal! Sorry for the lack of art recently but I'll drop an art update later this week :D How are you guys doing?

October updates

Tue Oct 21, 2014, 6:56 AM
Hey guys! Once again, tough period of time, things are going pretty fun working at Project Triforce, we have some new products released please feel free to check them out and order them! Trust me, the replicas are very very awesome.

We have more projects coming soon and it's just gonna get better and better, hint: Halo 5!

Anyway, heres some personal updates. Big news: Unfortunately I'm delaying Neo Japan 2202 artbook due to some publishing and personal matters, I was thinking that I'm gonna need more time to make sure the whole thing comes out perfectly instead of rushing it, I want to make sure I have enough time to make the art good enough! For now, Im trying to get the whole Neo Japan universe in a proper matter to make it even more believable, once those are set I'll jump in the tons and tons of art, hopefully around 50-80 paintings! Feeling pretty ambitious!

However, I'm sorry to dissapoint to you guys that the book is going to happen so soon :( It saddens me to say this as well, but i hope you guys can continue showing the support! It really means a lot to me and the community is really really great, im very lucky that you guys are diggin Neo Japan so far! I've also been receiving many fan arts (Not a fan of this word, I think that people who follows me or like my works are not fans, i consider them as friends!) for Neo Japan and I am absolutely awestruck, anytime anyone does an art of it, a part of me inside cries tears of joy, its really great to see them! Let me see any of them if you happen to do a fanart as well, it would be amazing!

Defcon zero is getting some attention recently and its a pretty fun project for me! Hopefully it would be really developed more into a complete story, it's really fun at this stage doing everything without restrictions.

Once again, thank you once again Deviantart friends, you guys are really awesome and I wish i could give you all fist bumps! I've read each and every one of the comments I see on my profile and i try to reply to them as much as I can, recently my notes is pretty flooded so if you have any emergency please feel free to contact me through mail at, i'm pretty much 24/7 on my emails. 

Have a nice day guys!

Thanks guys and I'll keep the updates coming!

PS: I'll keep the book info on and the poll as well, it still means a lot if i can continue getting feedbacks :D


NEO JAPAN 2202 - THE BOOK by johnsonting

As for Neo Japan 2202 project, I need some pretty big favor from you guys! Currently im looking to make Neo Japan 2202 into a book before into a game! (hopefully), so there's a poll above this journal (Main page) that i hope you guys dont mind doing a pretty fast two-click survey for me. If it were to be made into a book, it's going to be roughly like this:

-- English! But will probably have japanese translation/subtexts.
-- Most probably hardcover
-- 150 - 200 pages.
-- 50-100 artworks (Illustrations and sketches)
-- At least 30-50 Exclusive artworks that can only be in the book. 
-- The Story, tons of it! Not just plain texts but with visuals as well. 
-- Documents from the Neo Japan 2202 universe, maps/files/pictures/blueprints/namecards etc.
-- Price wise, im not really sure right now but i will definitely keep it as low as possible, the same goes to shipping, but if its not too much of a trouble i hope you guys dont mind dropping me a price range you would buy it!
-- Probably a digital ebook version as well (Download code for physical book buyers included)
-- Hopefully some soundtracks! (Currently looking for collaborators, you guys recommend anyone?)
-- Prints / posters inside!

I'm planning to make it like "The Dark Knight Manual" book, its really great in terms of the readability, design and information. It's one of my favorite book and the style is really close to what i want the Neo Japan book to look like! Here's a youtube video review of the book:

Feedbacks! These are the most important! Also, if you are a publication company, feel free to contact me if you're interested in speaking with me about it. Email:

P.S: Any 3D modelers/sculptors want to model some of my characters? :p

Anyway, thank you so much guys and hope to hear from you soon!

Thanks and have a nice day!

Here's a link to my store on society 6!…

**But would never hurt to email me if you have a commission in mind, I'll open up slots if im really interested in it!

**Please contact me at for further commissioning infos or inquiries.
Deviantart notes are not recommended as I check my mail 24/7 compared to DA notes.

Commission Samples:

Character Concept Illustrations.

NEO JAPAN 2202 by johnsontingHey Steve, what are you doing outside by johnsontingSea Golem by johnsontingRed by johnsontingPut it down, Dr.Wayne by johnsonting
Dark Knight by johnsontingArmor study by johnsontingCursed by johnsontingThey're back. by johnsontingSketch #40 by johnsontingNEO JAPAN 2202 - SHIROBAI by johnsontingPlants vs zombies by johnsonting

*Refer to gallery for more*

Environments paintings/keyshot illustrations:

The Tojinbo Cannons - Neo Japan 2202 by johnsontingUSS NAUTILUS 2.0 by johnsontingDeparture by johnsontingThe Biwa Generators - Neo Japan 2202 by johnsontingRail racers by johnsontingSketch #37 by johnsonting
Exploring the monos by johnsontingKel Canopy City - Kingdomrealms by johnsontingSketch#38 by johnsontingRandom Sketches by johnsonting

*Refer to gallery for more*

**Commissions Terms of Service:

These Terms of Service are relevant to non-commercial projects only, and are subject to revision, without notice. The Client must read, understand and agree to all the below terms before entering into an agreement with the Artist. 

• The Artist has the right to refuse any commission request.

• The Artist reserves the right to issue a refund and cancel a commission due to poor communication, rude/inappropriate behavior, or an inability to effectively communicate in the English language.

• The Artist will not create any depiction of illegal activities, sexually explicit (x-rated) materials, or hateful/racist imagery. 

• The Artist retains all rights to the commissioned artwork, including the rights to distribution (i.e., to create prints, merchandise, etc.). 

• The Artist retains the right to display all commissioned work on any personal website, gallery, or journal. If the commissioned work is time-sensitive, the Artist can delay public display of the art at the request of the Client.

• The Client may not re-distribute, reproduce, or sell the Artist's work, or profit from the artwork, beyond the resale of a physical original painting or drawing (traditional media only).

• The Artist is not responsible for printing (digital media). Works will be uploaded to this site and will be available for Clients to purchase at the cost of printing (no markup).

• The Client may exhibit the Artist's work in any online/offline art gallery without the permission of the Artist but require proper credits.

• The Client is advised to specify the size of his/her commissioned image, whether digital or traditional. Excessively large images (larger than the download size of the samples listed below) will cost more. Excessively small images (smaller than the full-view size of the samples listed below), may reduce the price.

• The Client may resize/crop the commissioned artwork to create icons, wallpapers, or other graphics to be used in non-commercial digital format, but the client cannot alter the artwork itself.

• Client rights can be negotiated for an added fee. If the commissioned image will be used for commercial purposes, the Artist must be notified prior to the start of work. Commercial use of images will be decided upon on a case-by-case basis, and will result in an increased commission price. New terms of service must be decided upon before the Artist begins any work on a commission for commercial use.

**Payment method:

•  All prices are expressed in U.S. dollars, and payments are expected to be made as such. The Client is responsible for sending the correct amount, equal to the listed U.S. dollar amount.

•  Displayed base prices are subject to change according to the complexity, difficulty, size, and medium of each individual piece.

•  At least 50% deposit or a full payment has to be delivered before I start the commission.

• If the Client wishes to cancel his/her commission during the sketch stage, he/she will be refunded 50% of what he/she paid. No refund will be issued beyond the sketch phase of a commission.

• I prefer commission payments be made utilizing Paypal services, and addressed to , if the Client does not have PayPal, other means of payment can be arranged. However, payment is still required up front.

**Paypal address:

Drop me an email at if you're interested!
Deviantart notes are not recommended as I check my mail 24/7 compared to DA notes.


If Neo Japan 2202 were made into a book, a compilation of the artworks along with all the information and back-story. Would you buy it? Details are in my journal! All help is greatly appreciated! 

898 deviants said Yes
261 deviants said Maybe
46 deviants said No


Johnson Ting
Artist | Professional | Digital Art
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Your probably one of the best artists out there. In the entire world.
Tue Nov 4, 2014, 1:14 PM
I love this!
Sun Sep 21, 2014, 4:00 PM
Dude.... Mind if I ask how can I buy this book of yours? :3 "Neo-Japan" :D I look forward to hopefully getting my own copy :3
Thu Jul 24, 2014, 5:53 AM
Any more news on the book? im a sucker for hard sci fi, i already own the district 9 and Elysium art books.
Wed Jul 23, 2014, 5:57 AM
Don't forget to remove your little "hint" :)
Fri Jul 11, 2014, 6:12 AM
Thanks so much guys! But no where near Dan, he's super amazing!
Thu Jul 10, 2014, 8:36 PM
Bloody brilliant.
Wed Jul 9, 2014, 9:11 AM
Your work is astounding.
Mon Jun 16, 2014, 7:23 PM
I think you are as strong as Dan Luvisi !!!
Mon Jun 16, 2014, 5:11 AM
Sir, your artwork is very inspiring, and is extremely well done. Please continue
Sun May 18, 2014, 6:42 AM



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Really love the neo japan concept. I'm a sucker for cyberpunk Japan. Was Ghost in a Shell also one of your inspirations?
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