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Incredible absolutely incredible art.
Mate, that is amazing work, awesome how can really feel a mood in your pictures. Definitely given me some inspiration. Cheers!
SaraKpn Aug 28, 2013  Professional General Artist
Your stuff is great, man! I think you live up to Dan LuVisi's art :) Honest! You know he's looking for someone to draw a graphic novel about his characters. I don't know your take on comics, but if you drew it I'd buy that book instantly ;) Just sayin'... from a fellow Dan fan :) Plus, it's be a good investment, since Hollywood has already approached him for a movie.
Just... holy crap.
Got some DAMN impressive work here, mang.
SpectreSabre Feb 27, 2013  Student Photographer
Holy crap, fuck me and give me a chocolate cake. Your artwork is incredible. It's pretty much everything i love in one person's portfolio.
How can I add the whole gallery to favourites with one click?=)) Man your style is awesome.
holy shit i love your stuff keep it up man
I would like to see your talent directed towards other visuals. I really love the one the man is working on his sci-fi ship, with the bubble face to it. I've grown rather numb to dark beasts with sharp teeth, dark paintings, faces that are cruel and carrying a sword and such. Not yours, specifically, but there are hundreds if not more doing these very same kind of renderings and it's all getting a bit too much and quite dull. You have so much ability, I'd like to see you branch out into other areas of art and design.
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